online examination system

This software provide platform to create new examination by defining name, adding images, describing the marking scheme, time limits, adding and importing questions, etc. Amend the required settings that include the movement, restrictions, mandate fields, and more. Assign the created test to the targeted candidate or group.State and explain the guidelines that should be followed by the candidates to solve the questions. It includes providing clarity to the marking scheme for correct, incorrect, partially correct attempts, sections, questions, etc. Mark certain tips and tricks for simple evaluation of the problem as the use of calculators is permissible to simplify the mathematical calculation.

Mobile Apps (Android & IOS) for online examination is make its more powerful and easy to reach billions of users.

Online Exam Management System

A Comprehensive Online Solution For Administrators And Candidates To Prepare, Conduct And Analyze Tests

Our Software is the online examination software not only makes it easy to conduct various tests, academic tests by educational institutes to various recruitment, selection related exams by public and private sector companies but also helps you analyze the tests with immediate results.

Some Of The Features Of Online Examination System Are:

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