Our Portfolio

Welcome to Lucent Electricals

Lucent Electricals lights are a smart innovation in the future of lighting. They provide simple and lasting lighting solutions to the user. Advanced technology, energy efficiency and durability put Lucent Electricals lights years ahead, giving.

Welcome to Just One Click

This project uses SQL Server database and .NET Framework 3.5. With this stand, administrator user of online exam system creates trainees, trainers. Trainer user create questions, Tests, Schedules, etc.

Welcome to Iverticals

iVerticals Web Technologies Private Limited is a young player in IT industry with highly skilled professionals to provide cutting edge solutions to its clients. We are simply known for our excellence of work & professionalism.

Welcome to SBazar

Sbazar is creating landmark in retail sector with major its products.which caters to the fashion needs of men, women and kids across footwear and a lot more at its store.

Welcome to Neman Carpets

We are having a good strength of skilled experts in manufacturing process from the beginning of its process viz. All the finishing works are being done by specialists at our premises under the supervision of our own Brothers.

Welcome to Horizon Mutual

Horizon Mutual Benefit Ltd. (HMB Growth) is a mutual benefit Company carrying on the business of a non-banking financial institution. Mutual Benefit Companies Are Incorporated Under Indian Companies Act, 2013.

Welcome to Premoos

Premoos health living products shall continue to research, develop and provide suitable results and answers to health related challenges. Our goal is mainly to give life a true meaning.

Welcome to Unity of Nation

Mission Protect India is a group among all NGOs, Social workers, political parties & welfare associations. The World’ as declared by United Nation Organization council.

Welcome to School Connect

School Management Software develops, publishes, and trains educators in implementing School-Connect: Optimizing the High School Experience, a program for boosting students’ social, emotional and academic skills

Welcome to Point of Sales

WMS POS Software is designed to address today’s critical business needs that helps companies of every size to manage not only their money, but also virtually every aspect of business.

Vardhaman public school

Vardhaman public school is an emergent institution dedicated to foster, nurture and accomplish the dreams and hopes and ambitions of young generation by inculcating civility.

Welcome to My Sarthak

Sarthak presents a very unique business opportunity to earn points by purchase of goods from our retail store which will enable you to earn regular income by your regular expenses.

Welcome to Horizon Mutual

The Primary objective of our institution is to cultivate the habit of savings among our members. Our first and foremost aim is to satisfy our members and create mutuality among them.

Welcome to Badhte Kadam

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Welcome to Sarthak Infraventure

Sarthak INFRAVENTURE mission is to build a world class real estate sales corporate with the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and customer service and create endless employment & business opportunity to thereby contribute.

Welcome to SNMKT

SNMKT Charitable Trust is a voluntary non-profit organization registered under Indian Charitable Trust, ...

Welcome to Subhyatra

Subh Yatra is recognized by various institutions of India and abroad as an approved Travel Agent and Tour Operator and also has the registration with Chamber of Commerce of various countries.

Welcomet to yesinfra

YES Infraventure is an independent real estate consultant, service provider with committed customer base. Backed by a group of dynamic real estate developers & investors from many cities of India.