WMS POS Software is the next generation Point of Sales system that enables companies to manage the business wirelessly or through mobile from anywhere, anytime. WMS POS Software is designed to address today’s critical business needs that helps companies of every size to manage not only their money, but also virtually every aspect of business. WMS POS Software is developed using industry-leading technology Microsoft dot net for an integrated set of end-to-end business management application.

Retail POS Software Key Features:

Inventory Management

The Inventory Management system provides the ability to set up and manage both Stock and Non-stock Stock Keeping Units. Stock Items are those for which you maintain inventory balances, typically for manufacture of finished goods and/or sales to customers. Inventory Management application integrates multiple functions and systems into one solution and gives you total visibility and control of operations.

Multi-Store Management

We provide an intelligent all-in-one, multi store WMS Point of Sale solution that enhances business operations, whilst improving customer satisfaction. That makes it easy for you to run your business as just that a single business. Success when you are running a chain rests in the ability to take care of the needs of multiple locations. Easy to use report writer for generating your own reports.

Sale Management

Success in retail/other business require fast billing services with customer satisfaction. WMS Pos Software provides fast billing online / offline using barcode scanner or manual feeding. Customer can also enjoy to see discount & schemes on thier purchase bill. It provide fast payment taking options including cash, cheque, credit / debit card, credit. It also provides sale return interface in case of goods returns by customer on sale bill.

Purchase Management

Any organisation, large or small needs to know what is being purchase Management, the price being paid for the purchase and the vendors from whom products are being bought. With this information in your hands, you can easily identify areas to reduce spendings, enforce policies and eliminate redundancies. Compare prices from different vendors before placing a purchase order.

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