Franchise POS & Stock Control Software

Retail Express works with many franchise retail groups – and has a technology platform that's perfectly suited to the franchise model. In essence, it provides the flexibility to the franchisee to manage an independent entity, yet also provides live and aggregated reports to the head franchisor (for the group).

Retail franchisors need a point of sale to process in-store transactions. Basic cash registers have many limitations in terms of inventory control and traceability. And without software, managing a frequent buyer program is extremely cumbersome. Point of sale is incredibly easy to use. You get exactly the feature set needed by franchisors. Keeping the point of sale simple and optimized for your franchise operations greatly reduces cashier training time. Many aspects of your typical point of sale are done from within Franchise by the franchisor, reducing the franchisee’s workload and ensuring consistent operations across all franchise locations.

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Providing franchises with a powerful, integrated business management system will allow them to effectively run their businesses. iVerticals Enterprise combines easy to use, intuitive Point of Sale, with intelligent inventory control, accounting and reporting capabilities, giving your franchisees everything they need to deliver results. The system is simple to learn and use at the store level, while robust enough to provide all of the information required to make intelligent business decisions.